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At I Just Love It, we have made shopping for a child’s birthday gift fun and easy by adding that unique touch personalisation brings. We’ve got a whole range of options in personalised stationery for kids from pencil cases, wooden boxes of pencils and tins and mouse mats.

We love this mammoth Children's Personalised Pencil Case & Contents complete with felt tips, pens, a ruler and pencil sharpener - this is one of our most popular gifts! Each piece is printed with the name of your birthday gift recipient or, if you prefer, a message that reminds your birthday girl or boy how much you care. In addition, you can choose a pink or blue Personalised Children’s Stationery Set to make your gift more special. This makes a great Back to School gift for kids going up to their next school.

When you give personalised pencils and the other engraved items included in this wonderful birthday present to a child, they immediately understand how important they are to you. Younger children especially love receiving personalised gifts with their names on them because it gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility for things that truly belong to them. Seeing their names on so many pens, pencils and other stationery items can also boost their self-esteem and sense of identity as they realise someone cares enough to give them such a special gift, and they have something of their own to be rightly proud of!

Our personalised art set and boys/girl stationery will also encourage a child to tap into their creative energies. Having access to the tools essential for doodling, drawing and writing can lead children to discover hidden talents they didn’t know they had. All children have the ability to create something that makes them feel good about themselves and that sparks their imaginations, whether they choose to draw a picture of their pet, a favourite TV character or a fanciful prediction of what they want to be when they grow up. And of course, for you, giving them the inspirational gift of our Personalised Children’s Stationary Set will mean you’ve found that extra-special something to give to that extra-special child on their birthday! 145 colourful ways to say Happy Birthday. Love. It.