Personalised Football Calendars

Newspaper Football Calendars

These Football Calendars are a unique Calendar gift idea for a football fan. On each month of the Calendar we feature a newspaper report from one of your club’s key games.

For example, the Liverpool Football Calendar features match reports of Bill Shankley’s Liverpool becoming League Champions in 1973, Bob Paisley’s team close to an 11th league title win in 1979, and Dalglish’s side winning the title again in 1988. This Liverpool Football Calendar also includes Liverpool’s fifth European triumph in 2005, and the FA Cup Final win in 2006 against West Ham.

For over 50 clubs, these Football Calendars relive the rich history of your club with newspaper reports featured on each month of the Calendar, rekindling nostalgic memories of your favourite team across the years.

Football Calendar Start Dates

You can choose the start date of these Newspaper Football Calendars. You can select any month in any of the next 12 months. So if you are viewing Football Calendar details in June, you can select a start date from June through to any month to June next year.

If you would prefer to default to a calendar year for your Football Calendars, you can simply select Calendar Year options.

Personalised Football Calendar Gifts

Our Football Calendars can be personalised with the name of the recipient, printed on the front page of the Calendar, which make them a very special gift for a football fan. The Football Calendar is especially made for the recipient, which make these a must have gift.

Other Football Gift Ideas

Newspaper Football Books: Hardback personalised football books based on newspaper reports of key games going back to the start of the 20th Century, right through to the present day. Books on 50 teams available.

Football ‘Name - in – Image’ Calendars: 12 stunning photographs, which you can personalise with any name of your choice, integrated into each photograph.

Football Radio Commentary: Star in your own Football Radio Commentary, pick the team, set the scene, and be the hero of the hour. Professional recorded by radio commentators.

A unique Football Calendar based on newspaper coverage, available for over 50 top Football Teams. Each month of the Calendar features a newspaper report of a top game from the last 100 years. These A4 sized calendars can be personalised with the recipient’s Name, a Message and can start on any month you choose.