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Take a peek at our selection of personalised sweets, a fantastic gift idea for anyone with a sweet tooth. Personalised retro sweets are a great way to send your loved ones on a trip down memory lane, back to the days of passing candied love hearts to their crush in the school playground. Or, show your little ones how much better sweets were back in the day with retro sweets that they'll surely love.

Personalised Sweet Gifts

Our huge range of vintage sweest includes all your old favourites, which were staples of a British childhood. Choose from sweetie jars with combinations of all your old favourites. There's guaranteed to be something everyone likes, so they're perfect for sharing! Personalise with the name of your loved one to ensure nobody goes sticking their hands in the cookie jar when no one's looking!

Personalised sweets for birthdays are guaranteed to be a hit with whoever you gift them to, after all, who doesn't like sweets?