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In the age of selfies, you can create the perfect photo present and make anyone a star with one simple upload. These days, you can transform your face into a pillow or an air freshener and even carry around a mini stuffed version of your pet. But, we prefer the more sentimental route.

Unique Photo Gifts for All The Family

Do you know someone who fancies themselves the next prime minister (on Facebook at least) or dreams of becoming the face of their favourite magazine? Then create a personalised keepsake they’ll be proud to have on show at home, showcasing their most favourable qualities.

There’s all sorts of themes for inspiration, from fashion magazine spoofs to celebrity newspaper headlines. Or for the ultimate unique photo gift, why not give the individual a bottle of wine with their face on the label? Whatever you choose, all it takes it the best photo you have of the recipient and they’re one step away from their 15 minutes of fame.