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Personalised Formula 1 Book - Gift Details

Relive the greatest and most thrilling F1 races of the past, captured in this beautiful hand made Leatherette Book - now up to date with Lewis Hamilton's Championship win in Mexico at the end of October.

The exhilarating and nail-biting moments of F1 from 1958 as told in the newspapers of the time. The triumphs and tragedies of Hawthorn, Clark and Senna. The unforgettable champions such as Graham Hill, Stewart, Lauda, Hunt, Mansell and of course Schumacher, Hamilton and Button.

Read about the racing legends and their moments of glory, all through newspaper coverage written by reporters who were present at the races at the time. This book is a perfect personalised Formula One gift for a racing fan!

Your Gift Personalised

Personalise the Formula One Book by featuring the recipient’s Name and a Message on the Certificate on the title page. The recipient’s Name can also be gold embossed on the front cover.

General Information

These personalised Formula 1 Books are ‘Tabloid’ size 38 x 31cm and beautifully bound in a choice of quality hardback covers. All reports in this book are taken from The Daily Mirror.

  • Brown Leatherette Cover – A stylish brown leatherette cover with an option to gold emboss the front with the recipient's name.
  • Brown Leatherette Cover with Colour Pages – For an extra £5, you can have all of the above but with the addition of colour pages (from 2006 onwards).
  • Luxury Leather Cover – This deluxe black leather-bound cover option includes both free colour content for post-2006 coverage and gold embossing of the recipient's name on the front cover.

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Personalised Formula 1 Book

Enjoy a Fascinating Newspaper History of Formula 1

Formula 1 has become one of the most popular viewer sports in Europe. The dramatic twists and turns of the F1 circuit are thrilling to follow and the fierce competition between teams such as McLaren and Ferrari keeps supporters on the edge of their seats

Our Personalised F1 Books are great gifts for any fan of the sport, providing an entertaining newspaper history of the key moments and victories from the past fifty years. The F1 Gift Books feature newspaper articles on legends such as Clark, Prost and Senna and include Grand Prix wins, famous crashes and world championship titles. The gifts also contain extensive coverage of Schumacher’s success and the rapid rise of Lewis Hamilton.

These Formula 1 Books are smartly presented with a gold embossed hard back cover. They can therefore be cherished for many years to come as a wonderful piece of sports memorabilia. Below you will find a brief history of Formula 1, more information about the contents of our Personalised F1 Books and other ideas for personalised sports presents and driving gifts.

Brief History of Formula 1 Competition

Motor racing emerged in France during the 1890s. The first official road race took place between Paris and Bordeaux in 1895 and was won by Emile Levassor. The inaugural Grand Prix was staged at Le Mans in 1901.

Formula 1 racing was initiated for 1500cc cars at the end of World War Two. ‘Formula’ refers to standardised rules that all competitors must follow and the number ‘1’ is included to signify it is the highest class of motor racing. Other European Grand Prix races had become popular in the run up to the conflict and the governing body of racing - FIA - began to plan a Formula 1 World Championship. Juan Manuel Fangio, driving for Maserati, became the first F1 world champion in 1950. He went on to dominate the sport during the first decade of competition and he influenced many future F1 drivers with his relaxed style of driving. Formula One now has a calendar featuring almost twenty Grand Prix races, which take place all over the world.

Highlights of the Formula One Book

The Personalised F1 Books open during a great period of British dominance, which took place between the late 1950s and early 1970s. Lotus, BRM and Cooper were key F1 Teams throughout this era and the 1960s featured world championship wins for Jim Clark, Graham Hill and John Surtees. Jim Clark was one of the most naturally gifted drivers in the history of Formula 1 and his death at Hockenheim in 1968 was a tragic end to a wonderful career. In addition to a report on this horrendous crash, the F1 Book covers the success of Clark’s protégé, Jackie Stewart. It also incorporates a story on James Hunt winning the Formula 1 World Championship with McLaren in 1976. Hunt would be the last British World Champion for sixteen years.

This Formula 1 gift goes on to feature newspaper coverage on world championship wins for legendary drivers such as Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. The Personalised Formula 1 Book includes all seven of Schumacher’s victories and a story covering the shocking crash and subsequent death of Ayrton Senna in 1994.

British drivers once again rose in prominence during the 1980s, led by Nigel Mansell. Damon Hill and David Coulthard would also later enjoy racing success and we also feature Jenson Button’s first Grand Prix win in 2006. A highlight of the Personalised Book is the extensive coverage of Lewis Hamilton’s rise to the top of Formula One. The Gift Book includes Hamilton’s third place finish in his 2007 debut and a selection of fantastic victories, such as the Monaco and British Grand Prix wins of 2008. These great results contributed to Hamilton becoming the youngest ever World Champion at the end of his second F1 season. He eventually won the championship for McLaren by finishing fifth in the Brazil Grand Prix. A report on this record-breaking win is featured in the Formula 1 Book.

Other Driving Gifts

I Just Love It offers many other great gifts for Motorsport fans, such as our Driving Experience Gifts are fantastic presents for those who enjoy driving fast, including a wonderful choice of supercars to try out such as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. You could alternatively become a Formula 1 star with our Racing Magazine Spoof Gifts, or be revealed as the famous ‘Stig’ with a Personalised Stig Poster gift.

Alternative Sports Gift Books

The Personalised Formula One Book is just one of our terrific sports memorabilia gifts. You can alternatively enjoy gift books dedicated to sports such as Rugby, Cricket and Golf. We also have an extensive range of Personalised Football Club Books, featuring match reports on some of the biggest games in the history of over fifty clubs. Our unique Personalised Gift Books make great presents for any sports fan.

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Personalised Formula 1 Book

from £ 39.99
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  • Relive the history of Formula 1 through newspaper coverage
  • Updated with Lewis Hamilton's victory in Mexico 2017
  • Personalise with the recipient's Name and a Message on the title page
  • Emboss the recipient's Name on the cover of the handmade book (38 x  31cm)
  • Luxury gift box available to complete this perfect gift
Made in the UK

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