Our Sports Gift range

Unsurprisingly, our sports gifts are a very popular gift theme. With so many sports, and so many fans of those sports, giving someone a sports gift taps into the recipients’ sporting interests.

I Just Love It offers gifts from large number a sports, a coverage that is always expanding. Football Gifts remain by far the most popular, but there is also high demand for Rugby, Tennis, Formula One and Golf gift ideas. Sports like Horse Racing, Boxing, and Extreme Sports have a more niche, but very loyal following.

Sports memorabilia

Gifts that consistently sell well are from the sports memorabilia range, building on the growing interest in nostalgia. Our Sports Newspaper Books, covering a wide spectrum of sports and football clubs, recount the history of a sport through newspaper headlines. This is a history told through newspaper reporters of the time, with coverage going back as far as the start of the last century. A must have for collectors of sports memorabilia.

We have recently brought out a new newspaper book on the history of the Olympic Games, that tells the story of the personal individual triumph through newspaper headlines – from the Melbourne Games in 1956 to date. A fascinating piece of nostalgic sports memorabilia.

We have also created a unique personalised Football Calendar for over 50 football teams, each month with a historical newspaper headline featuring a key match for that team. This gift is a memorable piece of sports memorabilia, showcasing the glorious days of your favourite club.

Innovative Sports Gift Ideas

We offer a range of Sports Spoof Newspapers, where you give someone you know their 15 minutes of fame, headlined on a Daily Mirror front or back page. You can personalise the headline, the story, and upload you own picture. It’s a great sports gift idea, that works both as a joke and an innovative sports gift.

Another great sports gift idea is our range of Sporting Calendars, where you can integrate a name into a range of stunning sports pictures.