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Unusual Wedding Gifts

From the wedding planning and wedding gifts, to the exchanging of rings and bouquet toss, wedding ceremonies are a huge part of human culture. The word "wedding" is Anglo Saxon for "wedd". "Wedd" meant the groom would not only marry his beautiful lady, but he’d also – get this – pay the bride’s father for her as well!

The word "wedding" literally means the payment of the bride for the purpose of "breeding". This is why the bride’s father "gives her away" to cancel out this fee.

And where on earth does the phase "tying the knot" come from? Believe it or not, the expression dates back to Roman times. There was an old marriage custom of actually tying the couple’s hands together as part of the ceremony. They weren’t allowed to untie it until they had carried out the marriage ceremony! It’s also thought that on the wedding night, the groom actually had the task of untying his bride, much like a present.

Whether you’re looking for wedding presents to show your appreciation to the guests who attended your own ceremony or seeking wedding gifts ideas for a special couple about to tie the knot, remember there’s a whole lot of history to weddings as we know them today. To help you find the perfect present, we’ve unearthed a whole gamut of unique wedding gifts, which will go off with a ding, whether given to the bridesmaid, best man, flower girl, or the loved-up bride and groom in your life.

Personalised Wedding Gifts

Our gorgeous range of personalised wedding gifts can be customised with ANY NAME – or even the names of the newlyweds – your own message, and perhaps the wedding venue or date. Choose from crystal champagne flutes, scrumptious chocolate bars, engraved silver cufflinks and more. You could have the lovebirds’ names embedded in a cute poster or feature them in a newspaper story, all about them. These personalised wedding presents are bound to impress – after all, the more personal the gift, the more they’ll treasure it.